Zeus Rules and Guidelines


Below you will find:
Rules for being Zeus
Guidelines while being Zeus
Rules for Players on the Zeus server

Rules for Zeus.

Breaking any of the following rules can get your NAK Zeus privileges removed.  The level of punishment is at the discretion of the Admin, and will be based on the severity of the action. Punishment enforced on the Arma servers may carry over to all NAK servers, including TeamSpeak.

1. All existing NAK Server rules apply.

2. Do not punish players in game as Zeus.  Punishment includes but is not limited to, lightning, punish, team killing, and killing on spawn.  If a player is breaking any of NAK rules report it to an Admin or complete a Misconduct report on the web site

3. Do not abuse players.

4. Do not abuse your position.
Rewarding your friends and ignoring other players; Taking remote control to kill a players you do not like; Spawning and Despawning objects over and over are examples of abusing your position.

5. No use of mods in building of missions.
The only mods the Zeus should have loaded are Ares or Achilles.

6. No use of Scripts. You may use Ares/Achilles to assist with your Zeus scenarios, but do not directly run scripts no matter the method.

7. No Selfish, abusive or disruptive behavior.

8. Do not turn a blind eye to those who break the rules.

9. Promote the community with your actions and behavior.

10. Maintain NAK standards

11. Zeus is responsible for the operation of the server. Zeus may not perform any action that might effect the server. This includes adding to many objects and running multiple repeating actions such as animations. Please remember to leave a clean map prior to leaving the server by delete any items that you have placed on the map.

12. As Zeus you need to run missions intended for the public. The Zeus server is public, meaning any player can join at any time. As the Zeus you are expected to run missions for the public. This means no missions for friends only. No missions that require specific mods (except NAK run special events.). No "screwing" around. The Zeus should be running missions that players can join. If you would like to practice Zeus'ing, talk to an Admin, they will show you how to practice on your local computer.

For information about Ares:
visit YouTube Ares Mod - Achilles Expansion: Tutorial Series and Ares Mod Wiki

For general Zeus information:
All you need to know about being a Zeus

Zeus Guidelines
1. It's all about player experience
Zeus is about creating a story for the players - an interactive narrative, in which players do have a role. Experience comes before everything - even before the narrative.
2. Keep the players occupied
In real life military is all about "hurry up and wait"; in Arma that's not a good thing. If you need a timeout to create a base, setup tasks, think on what to do next - don't leave players dangling. Give them something to do - be it some gear containers, some driving to objective, or pop-up targets. Sitting 10 minutes at base to wait for something to happen is boring.
3. Don't be angry at players if they do not do what you expect or want.
Some of the players might not do what you expect. They don't go into a helicopter you've prepared for a paradrop insertion; they kill civilians encountered, or bypass a large enemy force you have prepared for them. If that is happening, it usually means that you, the Zeus, did not set up the objectives clearly.
If players don't do what you want, give them more precise hints:
- put a "Get In" task
- set a timer to do something specific
- make sure they have to obtain something near the enemy force you have set up.
If they still don't do a task that is crucial to the scenario, don't punish the misbehaving players via in-game means (see point on feedback). Don't start throwing lightnings or just drop a huge force on top of the player so he dies - remember, that spoils the game for everyone, not just for the offender.
4. Give feedback in-game
Did a player shoot a civilian? Make a reprimand from HQ.
Someone staying at position there was an order to retreat from? Throw some forces and/or artillery on them.
Having a player not doing what you intend for them is not a reason to ruin immersion, but a good chance to add to it.
5. Keep it immersive
As said above, a great Zeus game is like a written story. And in a written story, you rarely see author talking with characters. Don't interact with players as "Zeus". Speak as different characters, talk to players through NPCs, start every phrase with "Ground forces, this is HQ" - or just don't talk at all; in most missions if the tasks are clear that is normally enough.
6. Improvise and reward improvisation
Did the players just take out a squad of infantry by a well-placed AP missile?
Did players stealth into an enemy occupied town to complete an objective without firing a shot?
Are the squads working well to complete objects better than you thought they would?
Congratulations - your game just became what a Zeus game is meant to be - a playground for creativity and skill. Make sure to provide rewards, not to throw off the narrative, but to enforce the narrative.
7. Keep the logic visible
Does your mission involve stealth and players just got detected? Spawn some flares and alarm sound before throwing in a quick reaction forces - let them know they're detected.
Want to throw in some reinforcements because players didn't blow that radio tower in time? Send a warning about it.
Players destroyed a chopper which is needed later in the mission - did you warn them about not doing so?
Every person thinks differently; what is obvious for you, may not be for the player. There must be a logical chain visible for the player, otherwise the feeling of control evaporates.
8. Try to make the story coherent
It is important to have a "story" in mind before you start your Zeus mission. If you try to run a scenario "on the fly" players will know it. If you have the players move to a location there should be a reason for it, and they should be able to understand why without you telling them.
9. Give players options
Having yourself guided as a sheep through rings is not a memorable experience. Maybe tasks can be given in advance, so players can choose the order of completion? Can players be given a choice of vehicles or weapons? Give it to them. But remember to give clues regarding consequences of choice. Provide players an alternative. Without a choice, you cannot gather information. Building choices into missions allows the mission developer to find out what is working and what isn't.
10. Don't overwhelm
Remember it is not you against the players. You are not trying to win as the opposing force. Putting 5 squads against 3 players is bad for everyone. Remote control overuse also falls under this category - Remote control should be used to create an impression of smart enemy, not to dominate the players.
portions used from #Arma3ZeusTips by DarkWanderer with permission

Zeus Rules for Players
1. All existing NAK Server rules apply.

2. Play the role you have taken.

3. Fill existing Squads/Teams before starting a new one unless you are NAK Elite.

4. To be a Squad/Team Leader you must be NAK Elite, (or have at least 80 hours on NAK servers if there is not enough NAK Elite)

5. Follow the chain of command.  Although this is not a milsim server, we would like it to be a more organized style of play.  This requires following the orders of the Zeus and Elected Squad Leaders (if applicable).  If you feel the orders are unfair, please inform an admin.

6. All players and Zeus must be on the NAK TeamSpeak Server. To work as a team requires communication and for the Zeus server we choose TeamSpeak as that platform.

7. Maintain comms discipline.

8. Do not play as a one man army. (unless you are the only player on the server). Work with and communicate with your team.

9. Speak up against those infringing the rules. If a player or Zeus  is violating any of these rules, inform an admin in TeamSpeak.

10. No Mods that give you an unfair advantage. The purpose of the Zeus server is to play as a team to achieve objectives, not to kill enemies as fast as you can. Mods that give you an unfair advantage are not allowed. If you are unsure ask the current Zeus or and Admin.