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@Spuds: Saw a local bus and thought of you!!! #Wastelands laugh-big
haha tiger strips
John Ken
Im here now
Question: I've made SGT. on Altis but my rank shows as Pvt. when going into map. Am I missing something?
What's up on Malden? Still can't gather points. The scenarios are playing very unrealistically. I HALO in at night and immediately go prone in cover, seemingly well away from immediate danger. Well-configured in full Ghillie with face cover. Haven't fired a shot, so I shouldn't be showing a heat signature, and am well concealed on the ground. Suddenly a million AI spawn on top of me or immediately start banging at me from some distance away, as though I were just standing there, naked and shouting and waving my arms. I realize that just appearing can be a trigger for the AI to appear but this is ridiculous. All sense of immersion is gone. Something needs tweaking!
Yes, When you are in game read the information on the map about Ranks, The in game, NAK Ingame rank and TS rank are all calculated on different values
So the Nak 10,600 score for Sgt. is shown somewhere else. Thanks
The NAK in game rank can be viewed in the 'crazylayer Menu' under 'crazylayer Stats'
@Bosco19: Well, the AI will spawn on any server, no matter if it's Malden, or Altis, or whatever. It's been like that for pretty much all the time I can remember
I haven't really played around in the editor with infantry scenarios, so I don't know if there are settings that can adjust the AI's ability to detect adversaries. I have had many experiences where the AI suddenly spawn where I just landed, and that doesn't seem uncommon, but playing while on Malden today in a night scenario it seemed as thought there were no factors at play to help my concealment. All sense of immersion was lost. And there's still an issue where points never accumulate. My former score was lost at some point and just remains at zero now.
I recommend that you open a forum post if you want to discuss this more. the information is helpful for all players and it will be gone from the chat here in a couple days.
I think I have just been ARMA'dgoatse
The AI does just spawn in, but maybe not the way you are describing. Unfortunately, there is no way that we could effectively make the AI spawn away from all players. One it would slow the server way down, and 2nd on a server with even 20 players near the AO, there would be nowhere for AI to spawn in if you took a distance of 200m from any player. Remember the AI only spawn in once at the beginning of the mission and a second time around the edges of the AO as 'reinforcements' about halfway through the AO.
It may seem that they are spawning on you all the time if you happen to like positioning yourself on the edges of the AO. The 'reinforcements' are going to appear in those areas most often.
HA! All this time I thought they were just ganging up on me because I was too competent!
Also keep in mind the AI do not take what you are wearing into account, you could be wearing bright white or a Ghillie suit, it would not matter. AI respond to movement and sound.
Thanks for that conformation. I was never sure whether a Ghillie actually affected anything. I have had many instances where I have been able to remain undetected while armor drove right up next to me, and could never figure out whether it was the gorilla suit or just the fact that I remained un-moving that allowed me to go undetected. I somehow thought it might be a combination of both. Some Viper garb does affect their visibility to night scopes, so I assumed the Ghillie might provide humans with some degree of concealment as well.
Now that I know this I can stop wearing a suit that makes me look like a dork...and take on something more fetching
BTW...are the changes coming to Tanoa going to demolish the 8000+ points I have there as well?
If it does I may well spend the rest of my ARMA experience just driving around naked in a Jeep.
The new mission does not relay on points the same way, we have not decided what we will do if anything with existing points. If we go back to the existing system then the points will be restored.
Michael W Cuff Jr.
I'll be on wastelands soon, anyone wanna join?
OOO more mods not-guilty hay silly
a bunch more coming tomorrow
perhaps my dream will become real, i had a dream you disabled enemy air assets and put twin 30mm canons on all the helicopters laugh-big
I do not think that will happen any time soon, and if your are dreaming about Arma I can refer you to a psychiatrist.
it was quite concerning sad lol
Riot Corporation
A Word is buzzing about Tania getting an uplift!! Can't wait!! Good time to update to Apex! #TanoaFTW
@VileAce: Any ideas why I died in the Tac event (between 2:55:47 and 2:55:54 of the youTube)? I have vid from my POV too - no shots, no traps, no explosions!?
Arma lol thats always the answer lol
It happens right at "Bandit's back up". I'm not too bothered, just thought worth mentioning in case its a bug.
@Spuds: Lol - Aint that the truth!!! laugh
on points...It might actually be better NOT to have them. I find myself caught up in making points, which tends to encourage lone wolf style play (I just like the challenge of it much of the time anyway). Then I go onto Malden, where no points are accumulating (at least for me) and join into squad play, and realize I miss doing that too. Maybe team play would be encouraged more without any point system?
I never use mine bc the air drops tend to land very far away from where i originally called it in. That wind...
I've noticed if i go prone and point straight down while the airdrop gets initiated, it tends to come down right on top of me. @Spuds:
i will have to try that
Riot Corporation
@TangoNM159: whoa that one helluva pro tip thx, will try
I'm not 100% sure, but I think there was one guy left that shot throw the wall at you. I know when they say that it is clear there was one guy left. If you look at 2:56:39 there is that one guy in the back corner. It is always hard to film in small buildings.
@VileAce: I PM'd you the clip. I didnt hear a shot (on either vids) so just seemed weird. Maybe I just got ARMA'd laugh
Congrats to both Players of the Month - Well deserved both of you!
@Tirinoarim: After watching your clip I would guess you passed out from pain or blood loss. Normally pain will register with a white flash on the edge of the screen so I am leaning towards blood loss.
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