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You are free to post general question or comments in the NAK Squad Quick Chat. We can not promise a quick reply, but we will do our best. You may mute the sounds by selecting “Customize >> Mute Sounds”. Ban Appeals and Server Feedback needs to be posted in the forums.
NAK Squad Quick Chat
how do I join
@Limitless: Do you have TeamSpeak installed?
And when you connect to the server did you make sure to change your Nickname to match your in game name, do not leave it as Team Speak User
if you could give me the server nick name or address that would be great
when i press the button to join it on this website it doesn't work
That just means you do not have TeamSpeak associated with ts3server. Start TeamSpeak and under connection click connect and fill in the correct information:
Server Nickname or address = ts3.naksquad.net
Nickname = your in game name
Click Connect
ok thx
Bandit -Angel 1-
Details are up for tomorrow's Tactical Practice Event: https://www.naksquad.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=36&t=1498
Do you still use Task Force Radio on your servers ?
Only for official NAK Tac events
ok thx
The Tactical Practice Event is not an official event
what is that ?
Bandit -Angel 1-
@Spectator: if you read the details in the link posted above it should give you a better understanding of what the Tactical Practice events are. Like Vile said, they are not official events and are open to all of the NAK community so you are welcome to join.
SSgt. S Welch
@Rollacanda: just curious as I didn't see anything no the group but is there an event on the 25th? Ref: NAKTAC
Ah c*p, another midnight Tac sad
Bandit -Angel 1-
It's time for another Tactical Tuesday! The details for tonight's open Tactical Practice event can be found at https://www.naksquad.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=36&t=1498
@SSgt. S Welch: We try to have all open events documented on the home page in the "Upcoming NAK Tac Open Events" section. But yes the event has now been created.
Ironically, I'll be somewhere over Limnos at the next Open NakTac!!! laugh
nice! see if you can take some pictures of the iconic parts of it (without getting arrested haha)
Ha! Not going to actually make it there unfortunately, going to a different part of Greece. Will try get a photo as we fly over though!
Google maps can be useful in arma! Altis vs Limnos Chat image
Bandit -Angel 1-
I'm looking for a few members to help out as designated Squad and Fireteam Leads for our "Tactical Tuesday" events. Feel free to reply to the following post or get in touch with me on Teamspeak. https://www.naksquad.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=1508
@c0p0ut: Is there any way to change the username displayed on the forums? I was not aware of that at the time of creating the profile, and now I am stuck with the username I've got on my Steam account, which is very far away from the William Tesla which I use on the server (Current account name is: famousstarwarsfan)
@WilliamTesla: Resolved
@Tirinoarim: The Arma developers did a really good job converting Limnos into a 3d playable space. I had never looked at "Altis" in google maps before. I'm impressed. https://goo.gl/maps/S9hG8i5ANHcoN9TJ7
@VileAce - I'd know about the relationship between Altis & Limnos for a while but only recently looked on google maps/satellite. I was completely blown away! The hill I snipe from on the hotel mission, the hotel itself, Limnos international airport, Kastro, the hospital, the stadium, even the look of the main church at Pyrgos. The level of detail is pretty rediculous! VERY impressed.
On a completely different note, anyone else sat on the Arma3 site clicking "Refresh"!?!?
@VileAce: Thank you!
Someone knows what time will be announced the announcement of the dlc surprise ?
soon™, on the serious side though, I don't think too long's left
@VileAce: That map is scary similar
@G0lden: right! im looking for airfields and other altis landmarks to see if they are there!
@G0lden / @CPL.Cunningham: Its mad isn't*t!? Even has the go-cart track near the airport!
@Tirinoarim: HOLY c*p IT DOES!
Oh wow... oreo, pyrgos, and the airport really stand out. that is crazy.
my game is killing me
Announcement is up!
I'm not saying its aliens, but...
yeeeah....im not getting that.
I will be streaming the map that comes with the new DLC in a few minutes. Subscribe you the NAK Youtube channel to receive a notification. https://www.youtube.com/NAKSquad
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Exile Server
As of today, the Exile server will be going offline to make room for new exciting missions and maps.
New NAK Elite – Updated for April
Each month NAK Squad holds a drawing to giveaway 3 invitations to join NAK Elite. At the same time, NAK Command invites members of the community, that embody the NAK ideals, to join NAK Elite as well. All members of NAK Elite are expected to:
  • Help other players. The only way to make our community grow and become stronger is to make all players feel welcome and enjoy their experience on NAK servers.
  • Have self-discipline. It is important that NAK Elite and those wanting to become NAK Elite follow the rules of the community.
  • Have Integrity. Becoming NAK Elite is one of the first steps to becoming more involved with the NAK community. It is important that everyone feels that you are honest, fair, and are of good character.
This months NAK community members to receive invitations to NAK Elite are:
Akai_Tora, coolwhip, Rick, Ambush and Misater Slik
If you wish to qualify for NAK Elite, please make sure you have a website account.
NAK Wastelands – Beta
NAK Squad would like to introduce a new server and game mode, Wastelands.
[NAK] NAKSQUAD.NET | NAK #5 | A3Wastelands Server IP and Port:
What is Wastelands, it is a team vs. team vs. independent sandbox survival experience. The objective of this mission is to rally your faction, scavenge supplies, weapons, and vehicles, and destroy the other factions. It is survival at its best!
We are currently running our Wastelands mission in beta mode. During the beta phase, we would like your feedback and opinions so we can tailor the mission to the communities liking. The server is password protected, you can get the password in the description of the Wastelands Information channel in TeamSpeak. Please be aware that after the beta phase is over, the database may be cleared, meaning all bases, vehicles and funds may be deleted.
After playing on the NAK Wasteland server, please consider providing feedback by completing our Wasteland Evaluation form.
The Wastelands server requires @RHSUSAF and @CBA_A3 both of which can be subscribed to via our Wasteland Collection. Enhanced movement is allowed but not required. No other mods are allowed.
Upcoming  NAK Tac Open Events
The NAK Tac event on May 25th at 5:00 pm ET is open to everyone. If you are curious about how NAK Tac works and the type of missions we play, come join us. If you are new to NAK Tac make sure to show up, at least, 30 minutes prior to the start.  Everyone is welcome.  For this event, we will be using the NAK Tac 2019 mod collection including Task Force Radio. Please make sure to have all the mods loaded prior to joining the missions. If you need help installing Task Force Radio please speak to an admin on TeamSpeak.
Forum Groups and Tags
NAK Squad has added icons to user profiles in the website forums, so that members of the NAK Squad special units (NAK Elite, NAK Donor and NAK Tac) can proudly represent the unit.
If you are a member of a NAK Special Unit such as NAK Elite, NAK Donor or NAK Tac and you do not have your website forums tags, you need to request membership to the appropriate forum group.  Follow this link for detailed steps to request group membership, and receive your forum tag.
Additional tags are available for special awards earned by members of the NAK community, such as Player of the Month, Bug Hunter and awards earned during NAK Tac events. These special award tags will be added over the next couple weeks, you will not need to request membership to a group to receive these tags.
Bug Report and Mod Change Request
NAK Command is introducing our new bug report system. Now with a simple form you can report bugs or issues on any of our servers, including the website and TeamSpeak. To enter a bug report simply select Bug Report from the main website menu.
NAK Command would also like to introduce our new Mods Request form. If there is a mod that you think should be removed from the server or if there is a mod you would like to see allowed, you can complete our Mod Request form. Once submitted the form is then forwarded to an Admin to review the mod and forward it to the correct individuals to implement. As part of the Mods Request process, we will be changing the way to we track the allowed and restricted mods. Over the next week or so, we will be updating a spreadsheet with all the know allowed and restricted mods. This will allow a user to quickly look in one place to see if a mod is allowed on the servers or not.
Mission Ideas
NAK Command is always looking for new missions for our Invade and Annex servers. Sometimes the best ideas come from players like you. If you have an idea for a new mission or side mission, feel free to complete our mission idea form. Your response goes directly to the individuals responsible for creating the missions and side mission on the Invade and Annex servers. Submit New Mission Idea
You can also review the ideas from other NAK community members. Player Submitted Ideas
Updated NAK Steam Group
NAK Squad has had a Steam Group for quite some time. In the past it has not been used for much, but that is about to change. We will being using the Steam Group to announce changes to the servers, special events for Steam Group members only and general announcements (such as when the NAK Elite giveaway is online). Anyone is free to sign up for the group, it is open to the public and no approval is necessary. Sign up today.
Our active servers
Altis - NAK Invade and Annex server
Tanoa - NAK Invade and Annex server
Malden - Invade and Annex
Altis - Exile
TeamSpeak Server – ts3.naksquad.net
A message from Claws
NAK Squad has been running gaming servers for several years now. Although much of our focus is on Arma 3, we explore new games as they are released with the intention of expanding the NAK community.
We view NAK Squad as a family of members who are distributed all around the world. Our goal is to provide and promote a gaming environment that is safe for everyone.
Along with our numerous game servers we offer a TeamSpeak 3 server that provides a “Live Chatroom” for everyone to use. Using TeamSpeak will help improve your gaming experience and increases the sense of community.
Welcome to NAK Squad and I hope to see you on our servers soon.