$335 of $275 raised
If you are new to our TeamSpeak server, you will not be able to move from the lobby, until permissions are assigned. If an admin does not assign permissions within a few minutes, send the following message in-game "Admin request permissions in TeamSpeak". Also please make sure your TeamSpeak name and in-game name match.


Enter now for a chance to win an invitation to join NAK Elite. We met our donation goal early so we are starting the NAK Elite giveaway for August early. The giveaway will run until August 31st. You can enter once every 24 hours.

Recent Donors

Brandon Micken

August 8, 2020

William Metcalf

August 8, 2020


August 8, 2020

Michael LeMay

August 5, 2020

Michael LeMay

August 4, 2020


You are free to post general questions or comments in the NAK Squad Quick Chat. We can not promise a quick reply, but we will do our best. You may mute the sounds by selecting 'Customize >> Mute Sounds'. Ban Appeals and Server Feedback must be posted in the forums.

NAK Squad Quick Chat
Cpt. Wave
if you connect to the teamspeak, type in game: Admin I request teamspeak permissions. Any online admin will get notified and give you the permissions as soon as possible.
hello is there an admin on?
im new here and have never used Team Speak before
@Goldthecat: What is your question? We do have a document that will help you with many of your TS questions.
Hey I have a question,

First of all Hello everyone and hello Vileace its been a while lol (few months) anyways I was woundering how to join NAK T
Cpt. Wave
NAK Tac missions are currently on hold while we rebuild our infrastructure and train the next generation of admins to be able to offer an experience worthy of the NAK Squad name. Until NAK Tac restarts we are offering NAK Ops missions. There are two NAK Ops events every week – Both are open to everyone. Events are on Saturdays at 5 PM EST and Tuesdays at 7 PM EST.
awesome thank you,
how can I tell how many hours I have no nak servers?
Cpt. Wave
The FAQ (Frequently asked questions) on our website has the exact instructions on how to find those. If you cant access battlemetrics or run into any issues, you can always hop into a helproom on our teamspeak.
Just dontated hope it helps a bit!
cant wait for nak tac to open i was in the process of being nac tac when operations stopped
may i ask what the verified nak squad member role is?
The Verified Nak Squad Member is a tag that shows that the player has an account on our website.
ah okay thank you i have an account here and i just donated lol
but thgatnks
Cpt. Wave
if you hop into one of the helprooms on teamspeak, we should be able to sort out all of those badges with you.
Thank you for server changes I'm looking forward to playing.
Just signed up to the website, how do i post in the forum?
@jon0149: It can take a few minutes for your permissions on the forums to catch up. I am looking into it now for your account.
@jon0149: You should now be able to post to the forums, if not, log out and login. If that does not work, post a message here.
Thankyou @VileAce, all sorted now!
@Soxs: We have rules that are published and you agree to when you connect to any of our servers. The warning was provided when you connected. Racism is not acceptable in any form and will be met with a permanent ban.
Pvt. Hoot
What all is involved with becoming NAK Elite? Just a donation?
Michael LeMay
@Pvt. Hoot You don't need to donate, you can enter the giveaway, at the top of this page, here's the link: or you can be invited to become NAK Elite.
Take a look at the UNITS page for more information. Read up on whats expected as a player in the community! Stay active in the Teamspeak server as well as the game servers. Use teamwork and always be willing to help when someone else has questions.
@Pvt. Hoot: A donation will not get you NAK Elite. When you donate you get NAK Donor.
Pvt. Hoot
Got it. Thanks folks. I used to be big into NAK a few years ago. Just getting back into it now. Appreciate the help.
Just throwing this out there to see what the reaction is. A while back I remember doing side missions that recovered loot (cash). Is there any plans to bring those side missions back?
As far as a side mission to recover loot, that was not on the standard Invade and Annex mission, I believe that there were loot recovery side missions on our Liberation and Ravage missions. We will be adding a mission suggestion form on the website, in the next week or so. When the form is available make sure to submit the idea.
Cool, thanks Vile!
Has anyone else experimented with Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses [SEAD] attacks on the servers and not been able to lock on to the Cronus Radar set while its on using either the AGM-88C HARM or KH58 ARM? I have read up on both these missiles and it states specifically that they should be able to lock on to the Cronus.
They work as expected. Remember some mods may change the way munitions work. Try removing all mods except CBA_A3 and do your tests.
interesting. I only run advanced movement and the insignia mode. would those have an effect? I'll try it and see what I what happens
@Thumper: Not likely
its probably pilot error LOL.
@c0p0ut: Hello Copout, was just curious when you might review the NAK Elite Unit applications, I have been waiting on acceptance for awhile now as I have been given an invite into Nak Elite! thanks.
@Decipher: All NAK Unit applications were processed as of the morning of 08/02/20. The process of accepting an application can take up to 7 days as indicated in the email that was sent to all new NAK Elite. As it is only the 5th, I would not agree that you have been waiting a while. Please be patient. As indicated in the email I sent to you, if after a week your application has not been processed please contact me.
@VileAce: Thanks for the reply Vile and understood, I suppose just more excited apposed to "waiting awhile" was more appropriate.
NAK Zeus Special Event #11 is online!!! read more here:
Michael W Cuff Jr.
laugh laugh laugh <3 <3 <3 <3
hey I had to get my laptop fixed and i'm being put as no game history
Total users: 3


  • Starting from the 7th of August, the Zeus server will change to be a modded Zeus server for an event that will last approximately a week. During that week the following mods will be required to connect to the server. (RHSAFRF, RHSGREF, RHSUSAF), as well as a map, Virolahti – Valtatie 7 (requires CUP Terrains – Core). The mods mentioned above will be required to be able to join the Zeus server during this time ( Aug/7/2020 – Aug/14/2020 ) and depending on the usage and the attendance on the server, we will keep the server modded longer or revert back to a vanilla server before the week period ends. Any players that wish to Zeus during the special event will also be required to load the mods mentioned above. Make sure you are ready with the mods downloaded before the event starts if you wish to play with us from the start on the Zeus server! To download all the required mods you can use our steam collection: NAK ZEUS SPECIAL EVENT #11 Any of our standard Approved mods will also be allowed during the special event.


  • Starting from the 7th of August, the Zeus server will change to be a modded Zeus server for an event that will last approximately a week. During that week the following mods will be required to connect to the server. (RHSAFRF, RHSGREF, RHSUSAF), as well as a map, Virolahti – Valtatie 7 (requires CUP Terrains – Core). The mods mentioned above will be required to be

  • Each month NAK Squad holds a drawing to giveaway 3 invitations to join NAK Elite. At the same time, NAK Command invites members of the community, that embody the NAK ideals, to join NAK Elite as well. All members of NAK Elite are expected to: Help other players. The only way to make our community grow and become stronger is to make all players feel

  • For the month of July 2020, NAK Squad set a record of $800 in donations.  I want to thank everyone that donated in July and all of our NAK Donors. This really does help make sure that the community runs for another month.  Reaching an all-time donation record helps to reassure NAK Command that we are doing something right.  In months that we reach

  • NAK Squad is constantly trying to improve our server in order to provide enjoyable, balanced gameplay for all players. For the month of July, we have made the following changes to the Altis server. Intro Video volume lowered. Tasks and hint descriptions of mission checked and updated as needed. Adjusted random in-game times on restart slightly -0200,0300,1000,1200,1400,1600,1700. If 0200 or 1700 is selected there will be approximately

  • We would like to thank Adonis, CasperTheAbnormal, Idelagarza & Moon for submitting such awesome screenshot artwork to be used on our website. You can see their submissions on the homepage in the "Teamwork, Strenght, Leadership" image and the "Our Servers" images. If you like to submit your screenshots you may do it in the forums and they may get featured on the website and twitter.

  • Join us this Sunday 19th on our Zeus Server: [NAK]NAKSQUAD.NET | NAK#4 | Zeus. We will conduct a Zeus training for all players that wish to become a white-listed Zeus on our server, as well any Zeus that wants a refresher training. We will cover the basics of how the Zeus works in conjunction with Zeus mods. If you pass the training you will


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  • Resolved - Player misconduct
    Player has not been on NAK servers for approximately 3 months. A note was added to their player profile so they can be monitored should they return to the server and commit any other rule violations. Sorry it took so long for a response. Thank you for notifying us of the incident. ...
    by c0p0ut at 04:36 2020-08-07
  • My method to Set Up AA Sites in Zeus
    good stuff. i dont think hiding the drone will keep the system locked on it for ever, but it for looks of it, its just fine here. +3 Expert Points ...
    by Volcano at 07:05 2020-08-06

Player submitted images - CasperTheAbnormal, ldelagarza12, Moon

Where we meet as players, become friends through experience and win battles as brothers.

Become part of the NAK Community. NAK Squad has been running gaming servers for several years now. Although much of our focus is on Arma 3, we explore new games as they are released with the intention of expanding the NAK community.
We view NAK Squad as a family of members who are distributed all around the world. Our goal is to provide and promote a gaming environment that is safe for everyone.
Along with our numerous game servers, we offer a TeamSpeak 3 server that provides a “Live Chatroom” for everyone to use. Using TeamSpeak will help improve your gaming experience and increases the sense of community.
Welcome to NAK Squad and I hope to see you on our servers soon.

Our Servers

NAK feels like home to me.

NAK feels like home to me, i'd like to donate this to the NAK community and keep the server going! Thank you Gentlemen for giving me a place to come and play and have fun and help new people


Keep it up!

I have been enjoying your servers and community! Keep it up!


Fantastic Zeus server!

A fantastic Zeus server and good community!


Your server always makes me come back to Arma.

Your server always makes me come back to Arma. I recently just got discharged from the military, so it makes me miss the good times.


I Believe that found a right place!

Hello dear Staff! I would like to say thank you for great and hard work that you make for getting amazing co-operative gameplay! Yesterday I entered in a first time to the server and after few moments got all help and support about rules and tips from admins and greetings from players! With amazing co-play I got great evacs and succed to give a great CAS with jets! thank you for all. I support you. and your community I Believe that found a right place. With respect and honnor


I enjoy your server so much.

I enjoy your server so much. And want to thank you for having a server that lets you use mods but not uber mods keep up the good work!

Johnathan Burnette

NAK Squad offers three different servers, all build for players to enjoy different styles and experiences.

We have a custom Altis NAK Invade & Annex server, a customized Tanoa QuickSilver Apex Invade & Annex server, and a Zeus server, for everyone to build custom scenarios on.

All of our servers are open to the public 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

[NAK]NAKSQUAD.NET | NAK#1 | I&A | Altis – IP: PORT: 2302

[NAK]NAKSQUAD.NET | NAK#3 | NAK Quicksilver | Tanoa IP: PORT:2402


Player submitted images - Adonis (x2), CasperTheAbnormal

NAK Squad YouTube

NAK Ops Live Stream - May 23rd 2020
NAK Tac Open Events
NAK Ops Live Steam - December 14th - #Arma #Live
NAK TAC - Open Event - March 30th 2019 - Bystrica
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NAK Squad General
Install Task Force Radio and TeamSpeak Plugins w/ bonus content
Bozcaada - Mission Setup