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If you are new to our TeamSpeak server, you will not be able to move from the lobby, until permissions are assigned. If an admin does not assign permissions within a few minutes, send the following message in-game "Admin request permissions in TeamSpeak". Also please make sure your TeamSpeak name and in-game name match.

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  • NAK Elite is normally available via invitation only.  Each month the NAK admins select three players that embody NAK standards to join NAK Elite. The admins watch the server chat, monitor Teamspeak communications, and observe general server activity looking for players that promote the community, help other players, display integrity, and have self-discipline.  For more information on what we look for in selecting a player for NAK Elite, view the NAK Elite section of the Our Units page. When an admin finds a player that they feel deserves NAK Elite, they make a note in the players’ record. Each month when the new NAK Elites are being selected we review the comments left by admins and make our selection.  With such a large number of players on the NAK servers, it is possible that we have failed to identify players that should be included for consideration for NAK Elite. We are giving anyone that wishes an opportunity to tell us why they deserve NAK Elite.


  • NAK Elite is normally available via invitation only.  Each month the NAK admins select three players that embody NAK standards to join NAK Elite. The admins watch the server chat, monitor Teamspeak communications, and observe general server activity looking for players that promote the community, help other players, display integrity, and have self-discipline.  For more information on what we look for in selecting a

  • Each month NAK Squad holds a drawing to giveaway 3 invitations to join NAK Elite. At the same time, NAK Command invites members of the community, that embody the NAK ideals, to join NAK Elite as well. All members of NAK Elite are expected to: Help other players. The only way to make our community grow and become stronger is to make all players feel

  • Have you ever wondered what goes on during NAK Ops? Well, now you'll be able to spectate & experience the whole event from a unique perspective! Join us this Saturday 30th at 5:00 PM ET for our Twitch live-stream.  Then on Sunday 31st join us on our YouTube channel at 6:00 PM ET for the video premiere, where we'll review the entire event and

  • Join us for a YouTube live stream on May 30th at 2:00 pm Eastern time for a session of “Ask an Admin”. We will be live-streaming what it is like to admin NAK Squad servers. Get a look at the backend tools, scripts, and features that we have in place to make our jobs as admins a little easier. Get a

  • For the third straight month, we have met our donation goal early so as a 'reward' we will be starting the NAK Elite giveaway for May early.  The NAK Elite giveaway for May will run from May 7th until May 31st at 11:59 pm Eastern Time.  To enter for a chance to win an invitation to join NAK Elite, submit a NAK Elite giveaway form,

  • Each month NAK Squad holds a drawing to giveaway 3 invitations to join NAK Elite. At the same time, NAK Command invites members of the community, that embody the NAK ideals, to join NAK Elite as well. All members of NAK Elite are expected to: Help other players. The only way to make our community grow and become stronger is to make all players feel


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  • PvP War Games NAK Ops July 11
    How are you going to tackle the problem that arises due to the inability of players to hear other players' guns ? be it for the lack of mods or Arma conflicting with loaded mods ...
    by joaol at 15:28 2020-07-09
  • Unbanned - Roadie - Ban Appeal
    I appreciate your decision and your time taken to address this. I will keep a better eye on my loaded mods and chosen names from now on. ...
    by TitaniumPenos at 21:37 2020-07-08
  • Angel - Ban Appeal
    If REAPER6 does not reply tomorrow one of the Cheifs of Staff will make a decision. ...
    by VileAce at 20:36 2020-07-08
  • Conditional Removed - ban appeal kossi
    thank you so much for giving me the second chance and im sorry for using the non approved mods i probably forgot to turn them off i swear you will not regret ur decision ...
    by kossi at 17:27 2020-07-08
  • Player Misconduct - Awangu Shafruni
    Offender’s Name: Awangu Shafruni Description of the offense: Rules #3 & #5. Teamkilling at base then disconnecting from the server. Server misconduct occurred on: I&A Altis Approximate time and date the offense occurred: 07.07.2020 approx. 02:05pm ET Were there admins online? If yes which ones? No. Screenshot, recording or other evidence (if available*) See attachments ...
    by Malymkun at 14:16 2020-07-07

Player submitted images - Reyesinc, Unknown and Hornet221


You are free to post general questions or comments in the NAK Squad Quick Chat. We can not promise a quick reply, but we will do our best. You may mute the sounds by selecting 'Customize >> Mute Sounds'. Ban Appeals and Server Feedback must be posted in the forums.

NAK Squad Quick Chat
a cheesy meme that it Chat image
wont let me join teamspeak
Change your TeamSpeak name to match your in game name
The community in an hour be like
Join us for 'Ask an Admin' live stream at 2:00 pm ET - ie NOW -
When is the premiere for nak ops happening ?
E. Trinity
Welp...these last 3 days I've gained a whole new perspective on Arma design/dev. I've watched videos and had discussions with a dev friend. While none of this is technically challenging work, it is very labor intensive and requires attention to detail and organization. For a creative person it is a great way to express. I said all that to say this: I've gained an deeper appreciation for what the NAK design/dev team has to do to keep the missions interesting and running smoothly. Hat off to the NAK design/dev team! smile
Yep, one missing semi-colon and you can spend hours trying to track it down. Most languages have debuggers where you can run the code in a 'virtual' environment to look to issues and errors. Arma has very basic debugging which helps about 50% of the time. Code run locally and code run on the server is very different, so you can do some initial testing locally, but final testing must always be done on a dedicated server, and often requires starting and stopping the server many times during a single debug session to test the code and make changes.
E. Trinity
@VileAce Yes. I'm a long time software engineer and know this drill. It's intensive fer sher. I worked in the Eden editor, ran a server, set up lots of things, Zeused, ran into lots of issues due to lack of knowledge/experience. Setting it all up took time, figuring it out took time. Time! The breadth and depth of what's available and all you can do is quite substantial. And, Bohemia...putiing all this together is quite an accomplishment. It became clear early on that it's a significant investment of self. You have to love it to do it. smile
Join us for the premiere of the June 6th NAK Ops. The the premiere will start today, June 7th at 6:00 PM. Join us in TeamSpeak in the NAK Ops Premiere - 6pm EST channel to discuss the events and have some fun. -
May NAK Elite invitations have been posted -
Hey Vile, i noticed earlier when I auto revived myself my XP and kills and deaths were reset/changed. I tried rejoining to see if it gets fixed with no avail. Is this potentially a bug/glitch or is it just a normal occurrence that happens from time to time?
Congratulations to the new NAK Elite!
Congrats to all the new NAK Elite
Michael W Cuff Jr.
Congrats to all the new NAK Elites! See yall in game!
May NAK Elite have been added to mission file and may now pilot from a non pilot role.
Hey Vile, did you work out which mod it was by the way?
@MrBlob: I would need to do more testing to be sure. I narrowed it done to make it work on my end, but the mods I removed do not match the mass you removed, so there is something else at play. Unfortunitly, with the event starting I could not continue to do testing.
No problems matey, if you find out will you put it on the forums?
Wave, are you familiar with the Project Infinite - Inspect weapons mod? Does it work with other weapons mods such as CUP or NiArms or even the default weapons?
Cpt. Wave
Yes. Its an approved animation mod. So as it does the standard animation (there are two, one for primary and one for handgun afaik), it should not matter wether you are using modded weapons or vanilla weapons.
Cpt. Wave
But I cant guarantee that it works with every mod, since I didn't design it. reading the replies there are some guns that become invisible by the looks of it.
I just confirmed yesterday it works with CUP, NiArms, vanilla weapons, RH Pistol pack
Michael W Cuff Jr.
finally got my Naksquad Tshirt in <3
There's a typo in the server rules page on rule #6 in the note section.
"...come fly with us when you are confident in you ability to help support the mission." should be "your"
hey ace u here?
does anyone know why some bolt action rifles don't recycle the round on the server? specifically from NiArms and CUP weapons bold action rifles
@TAXI_SERVICE: For mods with bolt action weapons, specifically sniper weapons, they choose not to chamber the next round so the sniper can see the impact of the shot. Generally these mods have a configuration to toggle this option, but it is all up to the mod. I personally do not use bolt action rifles, but with RHS you would hit ESC, then RHS - Game Options and check or not 'Manual Bolting'. For other mods you will need to refer to their documentation.
oh I didn't know that was an option, I will check it out thanks. Yea I also don't really use bolt action rifles either but its fun to change it up every now and then. Also its good to know that option exists because i've heard some players ask that question before so maybe it can help them if someone else ever asks
Michael W Cuff Jr.
i employ all Zeus lovers to check out my recent mission announcement and follow the cookie crumbs I have laid over the past 6 months. whether on the forums or in my zeus missions. <3 Goodnight!
Hey Vile, I like your new mod "VileLoad Equalizer." When I was testing it out the backpacks worked fine. For some of the vests however I found some errors as unknown equipment when I went to load a loadout. I found the tropic carrier rig had 0 values for all ballistic, explosive, load, and weight capacities. Also the Gendarmerie vest is different aesthetically, it now looks like the tactical vest in the faded black color scheme, instead of the dark blue with the logo on the back.
So far I've only found 3 unknown equipment codes:
when you have a chance let me know if these are also errors you found, or if something was potentially wrong on my end
Richard Weiss
To add to that the Carrier lite black (V_PlateCarrier1_blk) looks like the Carrier lite green (V_PlateCarrier1_rgr), all Slash Bandolier look like the Slash Bandolier green, all tactical vests look like the black version, both modular carriers from Contact are the Olive version, all Deck Crew vests are the yellow version.
Richard Weiss
The 3 DLC carrier rigs were not accessible with the mode loaded, like Taxi already said
Does anyone know how to restrict the players joining onto a certain mod-et (say 25 mods) and kick them if they have anything other than those?
_RequiredMods = missionNameSpace getVariable "required_mod_list";
_canPass = true;
if (!(isClass(configFile >> "CfgPatches" >> _x ))) exitWith {_canPass = false;};

} forEach _RequiredMods;
if (!_canPass) then {
player sideChat format ['%1 is missing a required mod, kicking to lobby.',_profileName];
sleep 5;
failMission "End4";
_patchList = missionNameSpace getVariable "patches_to_send";
_binConfigPatches = configFile >> 'CfgPatches';
private _patchConfigName = '';
for '_i' from 0 to ((count _binConfigPatches) - 1) step 1 do {
_patchEntry = _binConfigPatches select _i;
if (isClass _patchEntry) then {
_patchConfigName = toLower (configName _patchEntry);
if (!(_patchConfigName in _patchList)) then {
player sideChat format ['%1 is using a restricted mod %2, kicking to lobby.',_profileName,_patchConfigName];
sleep 5;
failMission "End5";
We have a developers forum, which would be a better place for this question.
If possible could an admin give me my rank and permissions in the teamspeak, when they have a chance please smile its been awhile since i have been on
When admin has time i believe my teamspeak needs reset, haven't been on in a while and built a new pc. cant seem to connect
@rob15083: If you are having problems joining channels you can poke any admin that is on. (All admins should be notified of any new players). All new users that join our Teamspeak are not given any permission until an admin has verified your account.
If your having problems connecting that would be more your side of Teamspeak but it sounds as though you have no permissions
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Where we meet as players, become friends through experience and win battles as brothers.

Become part of the NAK Community. NAK Squad has been running gaming servers for several years now. Although much of our focus is on Arma 3, we explore new games as they are released with the intention of expanding the NAK community.
We view NAK Squad as a family of members who are distributed all around the world. Our goal is to provide and promote a gaming environment that is safe for everyone.
Along with our numerous game servers, we offer a TeamSpeak 3 server that provides a “Live Chatroom” for everyone to use. Using TeamSpeak will help improve your gaming experience and increases the sense of community.
Welcome to NAK Squad and I hope to see you on our servers soon.

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NAK feels like home to me.

NAK feels like home to me, i'd like to donate this to the NAK community and keep the server going! Thank you Gentlemen for giving me a place to come and play and have fun and help new people


Keep it up!

I have been enjoying your servers and community! Keep it up!


Fantastic Zeus server!

A fantastic Zeus server and good community!


Your server always makes me come back to Arma.

Your server always makes me come back to Arma. I recently just got discharged from the military, so it makes me miss the good times.


I Believe that found a right place!

Hello dear Staff! I would like to say thank you for great and hard work that you make for getting amazing co-operative gameplay! Yesterday I entered in a first time to the server and after few moments got all help and support about rules and tips from admins and greetings from players! With amazing co-play I got great evacs and succed to give a great CAS with jets! thank you for all. I support you. and your community I Believe that found a right place. With respect and honnor


I enjoy your server so much.

I enjoy your server so much. And want to thank you for having a server that lets you use mods but not uber mods keep up the good work!

Johnathan Burnette

NAK Squad offers three different servers, all build for players to enjoy different styles and experiences.

We have a custom Altis NAK Invade & Annex server, a customized Tanoa QuickSilver Apex Invade & Annex server, and a Zeus server, for everyone to build custom scenarios on.

All of our servers are open to the public 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

[NAK]NAKSQUAD.NET | NAK#1 | I&A | Altis – IP: PORT: 2302

[NAK]NAKSQUAD.NET | NAK#3 | NAK Quicksilver | Tanoa IP: PORT:2402


Player submitted images - Maverick117, Casper, and Moon

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